Why you should use us

Integrity, transparency, commitment and relationship; the criteria upon which you want your financial future built on.

Established in 1989, Sage Financial Group has grown to become one of the leading financial advisement companies, offering straightforward services and honest client/advisor partnerships. Our highly skilled and experienced advisors are leaders in the world of investments, wealth creation, superannuation, risk management and financial planning. As a trusted financial house, Sage has access to increased educational opportunities for all our advisers and staff, ensuring you are given the most up-to-date advice.

Why Sage Financial Group?

We have consistently ranked as one of the best practices within the Charter Financial Planning network and is proud to have consistently earned the Charter Financial Planning and AXA Financial Planning ‘Leader Practice” designation. A designation only awarded to the best of the best in the industry.

Sage Financial Group also meets the CQAP annual best-practice accreditation. We meet the professional standards for service, business management, technical knowledge, compliance, education and delivery of quality financial advice. This accreditation is based on an external audit of our business, to ensure satisfactory adherence to ‘best practice’ standards.

These two achievements are a guarantee that our clients always receive the highest quality financial advice and services offered in Australia.

We are committed to the provision of quality financial advice to you, which is achieved through adherence to specified compliance standards for all authorised representatives, with minimum ‘A’ or ‘B’ audit ratings. We operate a professional and structured business with a plan for growth.

As a leader in our industry, Sage has access to dedicated financial conferences, offering us further opportunities to stay up to date with financial trends and provide premium financial services.

  • We network and share with our peers, seeking assistance with building on the quality of advice delivery.
  • Access to research and senior industry figures as well as vital business operations support.
  • Charter is voted in the top 3 licensees in Money Management’s ‘Dealer Group of the Year’ Awards. Being a leader with Charter places us amongst the best licensee’s in Australia;

There are many reasons why you should use the services of Sage Financial Group, but the most important one is, quite simply, because it is of the utmost importance to secure your financial future. Contact us today.

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