Why is superannuation so complicated and confusing?

Most people don’t know where to start when sorting out their superannuation fund. Good financial planning will unravel the complexity and help you maximise your super funds for retirement.

Many people don’t understand that a superannuation fund is not an investment in itself, but it is a low or zero tax structure in which to hold you investments.

If you have any further questions regarding investments, wealth creation or how to boost your retirement fund, contact Sage Financial Group today. Our advisers are on hand to fully assist you.

Why can’t I do it myself?

Many people use financial planners because they do not have the knowledge, time or discipline required to correctly manage their financial affairs, which is why many use the services of a qualified and licensed financial planner. Education requirements are significant to ensure every Sage planner is up to date and equipped to provide you with the advice most pertinent to your situation.

Even long-term financial planners need help in looking after their affairs. It takes considerable time and discipline to keep your plan on track utilising good strategy, especially as you move through different life stages.

What will seeing a financial planner cost?

During the first free consultation, our financial planner will assess whether we can assist you and add value to your situation. During this meeting you will be given a clear understanding of our fees, and these will be agreed with you prior to proceeding any further.

Financial planning fees vary according to the complexity of your situation, and the strategy required to create your plan. The more complex a case, the more time and effort required. All fees and charges will be fully detailed in the “Statement of Advice”, which will be prepared before you proceed. We are confident that the benefits of our advice far outweigh the outlay.

What are the benefits of financial planning?

Financial planning is about structuring what you do today in order to attain your goals for tomorrow. These benefits usually revolve around retirement, lifestyle and financial planning that will give you a roadmap and peace of mind about your future.

How often is my plan reviewed?

You will usually see your planner at least once a year. It is a fact of life that your circumstances, or legislation, might change and your financial circumstances should be reviewed on a regular basis.